The Free Humanity : Interview

The Free Humanity : Interview
Can you tell me something to present you ?

” To take back the humanity stolen from our minds by social manipulation and plant seeds of positivity through art and consciousness “


Where are you from ?


I’m from Los Angeles.


Why the name Free Humanity ?


The name Kind of comes from a photo shoot idea of mine I have a cardboard sign i made that says proud to be human
The idea is to get homeless, rich folk, Mexican gangsters, White supremacist and other extremes to all hold this sign saying proud to be human.
What kick started the whole project for me was walking through downtown L.A with my beloved one cold night I wanted to take a photo of her. With a scarf around her and her being Iranian she wrapped the Scarf around here head I snapped a photo, and sketched it. Next thing a knew something happened in my brain and I’ve been producing art work on the daily since that day and feeling very inspired.


What is your favorite work  ?


Our selection of work :


When you buy Free Humanity print you are not only buying a piece of art work you are supporting street art to thrive ans substain. You are saying not to social manipulation and yess to awaking of the mind. You can help plant positive seeds of your own by supporting The Free Humanity Campaign kepp conscience Art on the streets.

Follow the free Humanity on facebook http://www.facebook.com/pages/Free-Humanity/339255303641



Great artist don’t imitate

They innovate
-Free Humanity

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